Fred Streitz
Partnering with the HPC Innovation Center is about teaming with some of the world's foremost practitioners of high performance computing to help devise actionable solutions to your toughest problems.
-Fred Streitz, Director HPCIC
About HPCIC:

A Livermore Laboratory Outreach to Industry

The HPC Innovation Center offers industrial clients a powerful combination of computing resources and technical expertise from across LLNL and other institutions, organized in an accessible, collaboration-friendly environment.

Opened in June 2011, the HPCIC is located on the Livermore Valley Open Campus, adjacent to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories, home to more than 3,000 scientists and engineers engaged in research and development across a broad range of domains and disciplines.

The HPC Innovation Center aims to become the nation's premier provider of advanced computing solutions that helps companies understand and manage complex systems that underlie 21st century technology.

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Livermore Lab Expands Industry Partnerships

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Deep Computing Solutions

LLNL and IBM have announced a collaboration within the HPC Innovation Center to help U.S. companies boost their global competitiveness.

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