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HPC Solutions

Near real-time heart simulation allows cardiotoxicity studies and in-silico drug development opportunities never before possible.
Navistar gained 17% improved fuel economy through simulations of vehicle geometry for hood, engine, wheels, wheel wells, door handles.
Scaling from Desktop to HPC platform, Energy Exemplar's commercial software code gained 1000x in performance.

HPC at LLNL Recent News

Wall Street Journal | Nov 25, 2014
Livermore will sit a new IBM/NVIDIA system in 2017 which will exploit new technologies and advance scientific computational abilities.
HPC Wire | Sep 3, 2013
The alliance will help industry stakeholders in both countries leverage supercomputing to accelerate innovation and boost competitiveness.
Computerworld | Jul 17, 2013
One of the most powerful supercomputers in the nation's IT arsenal is available to any U.S. business...